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Rudy Andrews Died June 27, 2017


The Quality Inn is where the meetings are held at:

 271 Lake Havasu Ave.

Lake Havasu City, AZ. 

The HGS Meetings

1 st . Tuesday of the month.

Sept. thru May

Board meeting  6:00 PM

General meeting 7:00 PM

The next meeting Dec. 5, 2017

next common Dig Nov. 11,2017  8:00 

Common dig area open Sat. morning to Sunday night if no common dig

 will try to have a common dig the first Saturday after the meeting each month  Depending on Weather. 

You can check here for updates 

The club has 19 Claims

Dan DeRouchey at sp. 39 has Volunteer to show new member’s around camp and to the common Dig

Nov. 18th. Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner  at 2:00

Christmas Cheer at Dec. meeting

New Year Eve Party & Dinner  $12.50 per person

Volunteers needed for Delbert Days at Rodeo Grounds

Sat. & Sun. Jan. 28 & 29    10 AM to 4 PM

Sign up at the meeting or contact Dave Walker   928 486 1657

I have the 2018 sticker & membership cards you can renew your membership now


  Membership Dues are due by Dec.31 each year

Dues not receive by the Feb. meeting or at the Feb. meeting

 will be delinquent, thus subjecting you to a payment

of  $ 140.00 new member Fee


You can pay at the meeting or mail in:

Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc.

P.O. Box 3281

Lake Havasu City, Az. 86406


Maintenance  Fee’s

$ 2 /per Day  or   $ 35/ per month

Semi-annual Maintenance Fee 6 month  $175

 Annual Maintenance Fee Due March 1 st  $300

New Base camp Caretaker  Matt Christian   928 706-4793

New Claims Chair. Dan DeRouchey  806 340 9996

Amendment has been added to the Constitution  – No Limit of term for the President
Was approved by a Majority Vote at the Nov. 7, 2017 regular meeting

Update to Base Camp Rules new rule # 24 & #25 # 26


Need to have written Permission to park on  any other Member’s space

from the owner of that space

# 25

you need to have permission from the Base camp manger in advance

to move your trailer to another site


$ 25.00 late fee penalty to the maintenance fees for people who are 60 days past due