Life Members

This page is for HGS Members who have obtained Life Member Status.

Life Member#1 Captain Dan McCarty,Founder of HGS, 2 year President.& Web Master for HGS. C/A*

Life Member   #2 Denny Craig, C0-Founder, and President of HGS for several years. C/A*

Life Member   #3 Elaine Babb, Charter Member and Past Secretary/Treasurer for several years

Life Member  #4 Norlan Hunt C0-Founder & C/A *

Life Member   #5 Lyle Ernst  C0-Founder,& C/A*

Life Member #6 Russell Kunick, Charter Member.

Life Member # 7  Bob Combs, Thanks for donating the new claim.

Life Member #8 Phip Dirks, Charter Member.