Mining Rules & Regulations

Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc. 
P.O. BOX 3281


Lake Havasu City, AZ. 86405-3281


Mining Rules & Regulations

The following Rules and Regulations are provided for the safety and consideration of

all Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc. Members and Guests.

HGS Membership Card; Members must have their valid HGS membership card with them while on the  HGS claims or property. Use of the decal is mandatory while on HGS claims.

Camping on Claims;  Camping is allowed out on the claims for a maximum period of fourteen (14)days, per BLM ruling.        

Consideration Zone;  While operating for prospecting consideration for your fellow Member is expected  by allowing a thirty (30 ) foot radius of operation.              

Guest; A member may bring any number of guests, but only one family at a time Guest are, on onetime bases, permitted to prospect on HGS claims with a Member and only using the host member’s equipment and must sign Hold Harmless Agreement . If they wish to return to the claims to prospect they must become a member.

Personal Claims;  Individual prospect sites can be “Held”  for a period of 10 Days. The claimant must a marker stating his / her name, date and time. After leave expiration of the 10 days, the location is deemed available unless renewed. Members who have handicap- parking permit are allowed to reserve their personal claim for two weeks. Claims size is 10×50 ft.

Holes;Any holes (other than in a wash) must be back- filled once a member is thought with that particular excavation. Failure to do so will result in the matter being brought up before the membership and appropriate action taken.

Debris; Members are responsible for the removal and disposal of all their trash and debris.

Hourly CB Check; Members should monitor their CB radios on the hour. The club operates on Channel 14.The Club Doesn’t anyone to monitor a C.B. Radio now.Have your Cell Phone with you. Also, before leaving the claims, it is a good idea to check again, just in case someone may have a problem.

HSG Search Team; If time has passed, and a member has not returned from the claims, an Officer of the club, should be notified be notified so appropriate measures can be taken.

Public Relations; It is in the best interest of all members to treat all other members, guest and visitors in a cordial and friendly manner.

Large Equipment; No large (heavy) equipment is to be brought on HGS claims other than those authorized by HGS, INC. membership for the purpose of a common dig and / or reclamation. Other equipment must not involve the use of motorized earth movers, but should be “ hand-fed.”


REV. 3/08