Base Camp Rules

Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc.


Base Camp Rules

Revised 11-3-2015


In Case Of Emergency, Call 911

You will want the Yucca Fire Department


Latitude North 34 Degrees 38 minutes 28 seconds

Longitude West 114 Degrees 10 minutes 10 seconds



The following Rules & Regulations are provided for your safety and to make your stay more pleasant.


1.      Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc. and Its Agents are not responsible for any loss, theft, damage, etc. of any mining camping equipment, personal items, vehicles, etc. Disagreements or Problems between Members should be brought to the attention of the Base Camp Chairman or file a complaint in writing with the Board of Directors at:    

       P O Box 3281, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405


2.      HGS President, Vice President, Board, Base Camp Chairman, Caretaker is authorized to enforce Base Camp Rules. If any HGS Member and/ or Guests are found in violation of any of the Rules and Regulations of Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc. Base Camp or Havasu Gold Seekers, inc. Bylaws, the Caretaker/Officers have the authority to ask the person (s) involved to leave the premises and may result in suspension and/ or cancellation of their Membership. If a situation becomes serious, the Mohave County Sheriff will be contacted.


3.      Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc. is not a Public RV or Trailer Park. It is for Members Use only. Mobile Home are not permitted. No permanent or temporary structures will be allowed without written permission.


4.     Maintenance Fees: Maintenance Fee are due are due in advance and are $ 2.00 Per Day, $ 35.00, per month, $ 175.00, six months, and $ 300.00 for a year. Fee will be due on March 1 and Sept. 1 Pro Rated to closest due date. Camping spaces will be open to members only, and not transferable. To register, use the donations envelope on the East end of the Restroom Building .Follow the directions printed on the envelope. No refunds or rebates will be issued. Members will be limited to one RV per space. All Vehicles, campers and mining equipment must be maintained within your marked campsite. There is to be no overflowing onto other campsites. Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc. Reserves the right to refuse Maintenance Fees at any time for any reason.


5.      A campsite will be considered abandoned after 30 days past your due date any Unit remaining on the space will be removed from the Campsite at owners expense, With no LIABILITY HELD to HGS. No Due Notices will Be Sent OUT. Current Camp Registration is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.


6       GUESTS: Guest must adhere to Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc. Rules and Regulations. All guests must immediately sign a Hold Harmless Agreement to Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc. and are responsibility of the Host Member. Guest may attend ONE, HGS function prior to becoming a HGS member. Overnight Guest is to stay in Member’s RV with a 3-day Limit, and must join HAVASU GOLD SEEKERS, Inc. before returning to Base Camp. Common Digs are not included for Guests.


7       Quiet Hours: Base Camp shall be quiet and orderly at all times. Absolute Quiet hours are From 11:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M. Use of generators is not permitted during these hours. No public drunkenness, drugs, profanities, obscenities or lewd behavior shall be permitted.

 8       FIREARMS: No hunting or shooting is permitted on HGS Base Camp Property.

 9       SMOKING: There is to be no smoking in any HGS Buildings.

10.   PETS: Pets shall be kept on a leash or in a pen and under control at all times. There will be no more than TWO pets per Membership, per Campsite. You must Clean up after your pet, including your own Campsite. Complaints about unruly Pets will be referred to the Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc Base Camp Chairman. If necessary, first time offenders will be given a warning, second time offenders. Will be warned that further non-compliance will result in their pets being barred from the Base Camp. Although the Members may return to Base Camp, they will no longer be permitted to bring their pets. No pets are allowed in any HGS Buildings. No trapping or feeding of any wild animals allowed on HGS Property.

 11.   HOUSEKEEPING: Members will be responsible for keeping their campsite clean and free of debris and weeds. A clean-up fee may be charged to a member whose site is found to be out of compliance.  All  Campsites are subject to inspection by the Base Camp Chairman and Bas Camp Committee.  Any Campsite out of compliance with the Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc. Base Camp Rules, will be given Thirty day (30) notice to get in compliance, after thirty days, Member(s) may be barred from the Base Camp. Please keep your area around your RV clean of unnecessary Trash and weeds.   

12.   WATER USAGE:  When Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc. Water is available for HGS Base Camp. Campers can draw water for Base Camp use from any blue colored water. Water will be for Base Camp use in RVs. Please limit fresh water fills to one hundred (100) gallons per day. Off site Camping and Prospecting not to exceed Ten (10) gallons per day. The HGS Well Water has been tested directly from the well. The water still goes though the pipes and the water storage tank. Therefore, drinking of the water with out sterilizing is at your own risk.

 13.  PROSPECTING: There is to be no dry washing, or metal detecting, except for special HGS events. On HGS Base Camp Property. Testing of detectors is allowed at camp sites only.

 14.   PICNIC TABLES: When available, Please use only one picnic table per Campsite.

 15:   Fires:  Fires are permitted in burn barrels or rock pit only. Do not allow fire to burn unattended. Smoldering fire are to be extinguished immediately. No burning garbage. Ashes may be dumped at a designated location.

 16.  MOTORIZED VEHICLES: The speed limit on the Base Camp Property is Five (5) Miles per Hour. All vehicles are to remain on designated roads only. All Vehicles and RVs will be the responsibility of the owner to maintain current License while on HGS Property. Any unit not Licensed will be removed from the Base Camp Property at the OWNER’S EXPENSE. Axles and Tires are to remain on the units in working condition at all times while on HGS property. Any personal Maintenance projects must be Pre-Approved by Base Camp Chairman.

 17    KEYS: Keys for the Pole Building, Fran Lowell Building, and the Restrooms are in the lockbox on the East end of the Restroom Building. The combination for the lockbox is on the back of your Membership Card. Please lock these buildings if no other Members are present.

 18.CAMPSITE STORAGE BUILDINGS AND STORAGE: Storage Buildings are allowed on Campsite upon approval. A Building Plan or Picture must be submitted to the HGS, Base Camp Chairman for approval. If the plan is rejected by the Base Camp Chairman, it may be resubmitted to the HGS, Board of Directors for reconsideration. Storage Buildings must be portable and limit to no more than a total of 120 square feet (10×12) only 1 stories high. When a Campsite is vacated, the Storage Building must be removed or donated to HGS. After thirty (30) days of a campsite being vacated, any storage building not removed shall become shall become the property of Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc. The HGS Base Camp Chairman must approve Storage Building Location. No RV will be considered for the sole purpose of a storage unit. If no storage unit is being used, the same footage (10×12) will apply for storage.

 19.   Complaints and Disputes:  All complaints and Disputes shall be referred to the Havasu Gold Seekers, Inc. Base Camp Chairman or Board of Directors for further action. HGS Members using the Base Camp Facility will not try to correct disputes or change Base Camp Policy, must defer problem situations to HGS Base Camp Chairman, or if unavailable, the HGS, President, Vice President or Board of Directors.

 20:   Landscaping: Decorating, etc. is up to the Occupier. Any permanent Landscaping or modifications to Base Camp Site, including, but not limited to the roads and driveways, are to be referred to the HGS Base Camp Chairman. No wooden or solid fences allowed. Wire fencing will be allowed up to 3 feet in height for containment of pet(s).

   21.  Showers: Shower Facilities are for the use of all Members and is a privilege, not a right. Please conserve water, limit your showers. No washing of dishes or clothes allowed in Restrooms

 22.  Dump Station: A Dump Station is available for HGS Base camp Campers only Please clean up after you have used the Station. Drain Hoses are Required to Dump Blue-Boys. Due to limited septic capacity, if you are leaving the Camp, please dump at the nearest RV Dump Station to help preserve our System Please use your Gray water to water trees and landscaping at campsite.

 23. Garbage:  Garbage Bins are available to dispose of garage. Please Bag all garbage, Break down all card board Boxes, No Exceptions. Do not overflow the bins; Pickup day is Wednesday, if bins are   Full, keep trash at camp site Until Wednesday morning. Burning of garbage is not allowed. Pick up Day Subject to change.

 24. You need to have written Permission to park on any other Member’s space from the owner of that space.

 25. You need to have Permission from the Base Camp Manager in advance to move your Trailer to another site.

 26. $ 15.00 Late Fee penalty to the maintenance fees for people who are 30 days Due past then there will be $30.00 for 60 days past Due