Gold Finds

These are just a few of the nice gold nuggets that have been found on the Havasu Gold Seeker claims by Club Members. Click on thumbnail to see larger view.

If you have a find and want it posted, send me a picture and a short story about how you found it.

The nugget is 1 1/4 oz. and a 1/4 inch thick , the small nuggets and flakes is 1 penny wt.! This is why we go to all the common digs and we quit running dirt by 3 P.M. this is our bigest nugget we have found by far! it was quite a find for us. Mike & Connie Puckett   May 11, 2013

DCF 1.0

29 gram nugget found by Keith on March 7 2007


On 1-15-2005 Club Member Mason found this 4.8 oz beauty on our club claims



Captain Dan’s Nuggets

Dave's Nugget

Dave Ringquist’s.see story

Kunick's 3 oz

Russ Kunick’s 3.17oz Nugget


Ray Flanagan’s 4.72oz


Gary Ramsfield’s 4.16oz


Mutt & Jeff


Here is a nugget found by Mike Kulenkamp 13 grams found up by the common dig. Mike is a HGS member from Minnesota